Tiny Wisdom Program

Tiny Wisdom was founded in 2017 as a workshop series for primary schools, introducing teachers and children about meditation in the classroom. Tiny Wisdom has since grown into a practical program with an emphasis on holistic wellbeing and education for childeren of all ages.

As a program leader and teacher, Rina is associated with various schools, children’s hospitals and organisations in the field of education, healthcare and well-being. She teaches meditation in the classroom, brings comfort and joy to children and parents in the hospital and creates inspirational teaching programs for teachers and parents.

Tiny Wisdom Program at school includes various themes such as audio meditations, breathing exercises and instructional videos which can be used by teachers and children in the classroom and at home. Tiny Wisdom contributes to the mental health of children, helping teachers and parents to support them to stay healthy; mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

An important component is to let children discover and experience their own inner peace at any time. Especially when they need it the most; in stressful moments, during illness, or when they experience feelings of insecurity or anxiety.

Tiny Wisdom Program

“Within you is the light of a thousand suns”



This was a new experience for me: meditation in the classroom. How wonderful to see the kids so lovingly busy with their breathing. And what a surprise they could meditate on music with their eyes closed throughout the entire exercise. Also the massage practice went so respectfully, I never thought this would happen. Your calm guidance certainly contributed to this success, Rina. Thank you very much!

Annemieke Broere

Koningin Wilhelminaschool, Lekkerkerk

Chillen kun je leren | Tiny Wisdom Program
© Rina Kamta | Chilljuf
Chillen kun je leren | Tiny Wisdom Program

Tiny Wisdom at work

The meditation workshops were very well received by the participants. In the beginning, it felt a bit uncomfortable for some of us, to sit next to colleagues with your eyes closed the whole time. Rina managed to put everyone at ease. I was very relaxed afterwards and still use the breathing exercises at home. I definitely recommend meditation workshops like these to any employer who is looking for inspirational tools in focus and relaxation at work.

Diane van Veen