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Tiny Wisdom Program


Meditation. You can’t start early enough with it. I’ve been fortunate to have grown up with meditation. Eventually I had the ability to teach others about the benefits and started my first meditation workshop program for teenager in 2013 ‘Homemade Meditation’.

I introduced my workshop program to primary schools, where it was renamed Tiny Wisdom Program (Chillen kun je leren in Dutch). In the classroom, I teach children about the benefits of meditation in an accessible and playful way.

In 2017, I launched my Tiny Wisdom Care Program at the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital and Princess Máxima Center for pediatric oncology. This program contains individual workshops/sessions and coaching for young patients (and their parents).

Tiny Wisdom brings mental and emotional support to patients, as well as comfort, joy, inspiration and relaxation.


A new experience for me; chilling in the classroom. To see children consciously working with their breathing, with their eyes closed meditating on music. Also the massaging exercise went so respectfully, I couldn’t have thought this would happen. Your calm guidance certainly contributed to this success, Rina!

Annemiek Broere
teacher KW-school, Lekkerkerk

After a trial period of three months, Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital succesfully launched my Tiny Wisdom Program. Read more about our cooperation in this press release (in Dutch).

Are you curious how Tiny Wisdom looks like in real life? Watch this short video.