Tiny Wisdom Program

Tiny Wisdom Program started in 2017 as a short series of workshops for primary schools and has since grown into a colorful, practical program. Tiny Wisdom focuses on holistic well-being, education & program development for educational and healthcare institutions.

As a ‘chill teacher’ I am associated with various schools, children’s hospitals and organisations in the field of health care and well-being.

In my school program, I teach students and teachers about i.a. spiritual awareness and the benefits of ‘chill’ exercises in the class room. The program includes guided meditation, live music, silence and breathing; I offer tailor-made programs that fit the wishes of the school.

My healthcare program is aimed at young patients and their family members. In addition to relaxation, comfort and distraction, I teach children how to stay calm, how to release unpleasant feelings and emotions, for example during the period they are staying in a hospital, when they have to undergo surgery, or in the palliative phase of illness.

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Tiny Wisdom Program

Annemieke Broere: teacher at Koningin Wilhelmina School, Lekkerkerk

A totally new experience for me: meditation in the classroom. How wonderful to see the children consciously working with their breathing, with their eyes closed meditating on music. Also the massaging exercise went so respectfully, I couldn’t have thought this would happen. Your calm guidance certainly contributed to this success, Rina. Thank you so much!

Chillen kun je leren | Tiny Wisdom Program
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Chillen kun je leren | Tiny Wisdom Program

“Children see magic because they look for it”