Corporate Actor

As a corporate actor, I support a trainer or coach by expressing the behavior of a student, client, employee or supervisor with, for example, a complaint, bad news or conflict. I respond to the personal learning goals of the participants by reducing theory to it’s essence.  Together we create a situation (role play) in which participants can practice, and I provide feedback to aid ongoing development.

At Theaterschool De Trap (Amsterdam), I gained insight into what corporate acting entails. In addition to simulating a situation and the credible portrayal of a character, it’s also necessary to have knowledge of various work forms, models and provide feedback to the participant.

During this training I worked with various communication models such as Rose of Leary and Insights Discovery.

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Marion Hijmensen - de Bruijn, Business Coach at 2toGrow

The strength of Rina as a training actor is her ability to challenge the student. Her performance is flawless. Rina gives constructive feedback afterwards which helps the student to continue with their practise. She is a dedicated person who works with enthousiasm and she uses her creativity during the role play to help students communicate more effectively. I enjoyed working with her!