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Rina creates choreographies for events, musical and theatre productions. She collaborated with TEDxUtrecht, Warm Water Jeugdtheater, Theatergroep SPOT, Waanzin Theaterproducties, VrouwenWoensdag and Greg & Baud Productions.

Would you like to hire a choreographer who thinks outside the box? Please leave a message here.


As a singing teacher I’ve worked with Rina at Warm Water Jeugd Theater. Rina is an open person, with creative vision. In a team she brings positive energy, original ideas and laughter! She knows how to motivate students and bring out the best in themselves. Rina is honest, open-hearted and has a cheerful energy. She shines when she teaches, a wonderful dance teacher!

Mirjam van der Beek - van Gelderen

Vocal Coach