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I am here to teach you how to live your life from a higher level of consciousness so you can reach your full potential.

© Rina Kamta | Chilljuf
© Rina Kamta | Chilljuf

As a meditation teacher, spiritual coach, and developer of holistic education programs, I am dedicated to the emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being of children and young people.

Under the umbrella of Raspberry Bloom, I offer holistic activities and educational programs commitment, the Tiny Wisdom Clinic has emerged, an inspiring initiative aimed at promoting inner peace and well-being in children and young people in both education and in healthcare. The Tiny Wisdom Clinic offers tailor-made programs, guest lectures, workshops, and meditations, all designed to promote inner peace, resilience, and self-confidence.

I guide young minds to connect with the essence of who they truly are: Universal love, the inner peace that is inherent to our hearts and always accessible.

Rina has been active in the performing arts for years, working as a teacher and choreographer for (youth) theater productions. She has completed training in NLP, Laban, Transpersonal Development, and Neurological Music Therapy (NMT).

Tiny Wisdom Clinic

My journey with Tiny Wisdom Clinic began in 2016 as a modest workshop series in primary schools. Over time, it has evolved into a holistic educational program.

I believe that inner peace goes beyond teaching techniques; it involves understanding and mastering thoughts, body, and energy. That’s what makes Tiny Wisdom Clinic unique; spirituality is taught in a simple and practical way, making it accessible to all ages. Tiny Wisdom Clinic is created to provide a valuable and holistic experience, allowing all participants to benefit optimally. Teachers and parents share the exercises with children, focusing on coping with anxiety, distinguishing between unsettling and reassuring thoughts, and developing resilience for their life journey.

As a Chill Teacher, I conduct lessons and workshops in education and healthcare. I make personal visits to children in hospitals, combining guided meditation with live music. This combination of calming elements not only provides relaxation but also comfort and relief to families facing the challenges of a (prolonged) hospital stay.

Tiny Wisdom Program

This was a new experience for me: meditation in the classroom. It was heartwarming to witness the children so engaged in their breathing exercises. I was pleasantly surprised to see them meditating to music with their eyes closed throughout the entire session. The massage practice also unfolded with remarkable respect, something I hadn’t expected. Your calm and skillful guidance undoubtedly played a significant role in this success, Rina. Thank you very much!

Annemieke Broere

Koningin Wilhelminaschool, Lekkerkerk

“Within you is the light of a thousand suns”



Chillen kun je leren | Tiny Wisdom Program
© Rina Kamta | Chilljuf
Chillen kun je leren | Tiny Wisdom Program

Tiny Wisdom offers a wonderful new opportunity for both patients and parents to relax and temporarily forget the sometimes complex hospital environment. For children who are staying in the hospital, it can be challenging to shift their thoughts or remain calm in stressful situations. However, Tiny Wisdom makes this possible for them and, at the same time, Rina helps children to better cope with everything that occurs during their hospital stay.

E. Tuyt

Wilhelmina Children's Hospital

Meditation Coach

As your meditation coach, I guide you in exploring the deepest layers of yourself and connecting with a peaceful, healing energy. Meditation coaching is accessible to everyone, whether you are a beginner or already have some experience with meditation.

One key aspect of my meditations involves tuning into a higher consciousness. Throughout our sessions, you’ll observe that you transcend the boundaries of the ego and connect with a deeper, timeless dimension of awareness. Here, you can discover wisdom, love, and healing. Experience for yourself this beautiful way to calm your mind, quiet your thoughts, and descend into the tranquil ocean of your inner self.

The meditation sessions are offered as standard in both Dutch and English, providing flexibility for participants. If you have specific preferences from a religious perspective, I am open to explore how we can integrate these preferences within my guiding philosophy.

Are you ready to embrace your spiritual growth? Contact me, and let me guide you on this journey to inner peace and enlightenment.

Happy participants

Dear Rina, both my grandsons, aged 5 and 8, and I want to express our love and appreciation for you. As their grandma, we all thoroughly enjoyed your meditation. They excitedly recounted the entire experience to their mother and even illustrated it in vibrant colors. Your meditation has added a touch of magic to their young hearts. Thank you for a fantastic job. They’re sending you a thousand kisses and eagerly anticipating the next one. Like their grandma, they finished with “I love you.” Namaste!

Hi Rina, thank you for the meditation. Honestly, I wasn’t very good at meditating before (I found it challenging to just let my thoughts be), but this time, I did better than my previous attempts. It was a special experience, thanks!

Thank you for the wonderful relaxation lessons in our class. I noticed that I found it a bit nerve-wracking myself, but I can see how the children respond to the exercises, and that secretly makes me very proud. You’ve contributed to this, Rina, so thank you once again.

Dear Rina, your children’s meditation is so beautiful. I completely immersed myself in it, and I’m sure the children will enjoy it as well. In the hammock with all the rainbow colors. Thank you!

You have a soothing and calming voice, and I truly believe that your work adds so much value to letting go and accepting things in life. Especially for children in the hospital, I understand the importance, and I think it’s fantastic that you want to teach them that sense of peace. I had a wonderfully carefree sleep after your meditation, thank you!

Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity. It’s incredibly valuable in these times. The children in my class (8 years old) are not accustomed to meditating. I’m currently teaching them to become still and connect with their hearts. Then, we open our hearts to each other. I’ll gradually expand this practise with the words from your meditation, hoping to help the children experience the effects of meditation.

Would you like to learn more about Raspberry Bloom and my programs? Feel free to reach out for more information, guidance, or to start your own journey of well-being and spiritual growth.